Monday, March 30, 2015

Hola Everyone!

So we got our travel plans on Friday! I'm actually not as excited as I thought I would be. I'm sad to leave everyone =( The MTC is my home now and I have to say goodbye all over again! But I leave for the airport Tuesday at 3:30 in the morning. My flight doesn't leave until 7:00. So I'm hoping I can call that morning but it'll be early! And then I have a 2 hour layover in Atlanta so hopefully I can call again but I'm not sure. So anyway I hope your okay to get up early and talk to me for a minute! 

I've met more people going to Arkansas this week! Finally! I'm the only Spanish speaker I believe. But they are super nice and I'm excited to fly out with them. 

I also saw Weston Goodro a couple times! When I bumped into him I didn't have my camera but he did so maybe he will send it home and his mom will put it on facebook (mom maybe you can check). 

I broke the free throw record again this week and beat the boys! I got 39 now. I guess I didn't clarify what it actually is, but you just make as many free throws in a row as you can. I may try to break it one last time. I was pretty excited about that. 

THANK YOU Robin Jaramillo for the package! It was a fun surprise!

Yesterday was fast Sunday, and yes we fast all day long and then indulge in Sunday ice cream for dinner. The weather is SO nice so our Sunday walk to the temple was beautiful. Since next week is General Conference we had our last Sacrament meeting with our zone and had testimony meeting. Before a district leaves they sing a song in sacrament so our district sang "Armies of Helaman" in Spanish. The spirit was so strong; I LOVE my district so much. 

So this week we had a cool discussion on the Atonement.
Atonement: reconciliation of man to God. Sin causes disconnection and the atonement reconnects the relationship between man and God. 

We often think of the Atonement as one big mass atonement and we forget that he suffered individually for every one of our pains, sins, and sorrows. We do everything "one by one." We don't do mass baptisms for the dead or mass endowments. It's all done individually. And in 3 Nephi it talks about after Christ’s resurrection blessing the kids "one by one" and allowing everyone to feel his hands and feet "one by one." Christ suffered for each of us individually. 
He didn't know what regret, sin, or guilt felt like until he felt them for me.

Before he died on the cross he said "it is finished." His promise to God was completed. When times are hard, when life doesn't go my way or maybe on some days when I just want to go home. I think of him. He didn't give up until he was finished, and because of that we are saved. No one suffers more than he did.  

I can just picture all of us in Heaven watching our Brother, cheering him on and anxiously waiting to see if he had completed the event that would save us all. So cool to think about. 

Some of my favorite scriptures this week:
D&C 66:8 "he that is faithful shall be made strong in every place; and I, the Lord, will go with you. 
It's pretty crazy that I'm 19 years old, first time away from home, I'm given 6 weeks to learn a new language and am going out to a place I've never been before to preach the gospel. But it doesn't matter because He makes me strong and is with me always. 

My life is better because Christ is in it. 
We all have an older Brother who SAVED us. He LOVES us. Invite him into your life and he will not let life bring you down. I can overcome any obstacle in my life because he already knows what it feels like and can help me through it. How do I know? Because He already has helped me countless times. Fear Not, He Lives.

I'm so excited for General Conference! Next week we have Conference, Women’s Conference, Departure Devotional, and Sunday night movie. So we will be sitting in seats watching the TV screen basically all of next weekend. But it's such perfect timing, right before I leave! I'm so happy I get to be here for conference! 

I'm still doing really good! I'm so settled here it’s crazy, I can't believe I have to resettle all over again in a week. 

My days are pretty repetitive. Time is starting to speed up lots. But I am so happy and I love being a missionary! 

Love you all! 

Hermana Moore


This is Joshua from CA. He is going to Mexico. He is 26! He was converted at 16 but just recently reactivated. He left his career and switched his whole life around to come out on a mission. So cool! He has helped us a lot with our Spanish!

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