Thursday, March 12, 2015

Hermana Stevens

Taylor has this friend.  The kind of friend who makes you feel welcome when you are the new girl in fifth grade.  The kind of friend who every Friday in sixth grade, dresses up with you in matching outfits; including striped knee high socks, fake glasses, crazy hair, suspenders and super hero t-shirts.  The kind of friend who cheers you on at your basketball games.  The kind of friend who finds you a date to the dance so you're not left out.  The kind of friend who brings you treats when you are sad.  The kind of friend who is still your best friend even though you share different interests.  The kind of friend your parents not only trust, but encourage you to be with.  Well that friend is Olivia, AKA Hermana Stevens.
Hermana Stevens got called to the California, Sacramento Spanish speaking mission.  She left two weeks before Taylor, but she was sent to the Mexico MTC.  We were all so sad that they wouldn't be together.  Just knowing they were in the same place at the same time would have been awesome!  I got this text from Olivia's mom today and had to share.

I'm pretty sure that even though they are apart for now, they still draw on each other's strength!  These girls are amazing and are going to do incredible things in their lives!

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  1. Why did this make me cry!?!?! Such good girls. So lucky to have a best friend.