Monday, March 16, 2015

(My companion was sick, so I had to study in the hall of our dorm.)

Hola! <-- I promise I know more Spanish than that.

Okay I'll start with some bad news then the rest of my email will be happy!

So earlier this week our Branch President stopped by and told us that one of his Missionaries over the summer, Sister Scadlock was serving in Argentina and passed away from sickness. We all were incredibly sad, along with our Branch President who knew her so well. He said she was from Layton area, and the last name sounded familiar to me but I wasn't sure who she was. Come to find out it was my good friend Chelise Richardson's boyfriend’s sister! Chelise was incredibly good friends with her! It is heartbreaking! My entire district is so sad. 

No more sad news! 

As of right now there are 50% SISTER Missionaries at this MTC! AHH! So cool! 

On Tuesday Quentin L Cook came and spoke at our Devotional! It was SO exciting! Of course he gave a fabulous talk and I got tons of great advice, but something I wanted to share and that stood out to me was when he explained how they assigned calls. He said once they see our picture they almost immediately know where should we go, whether it be the language we need to speak, the people or culture we should be surrounded with, or even in lots of cases they assign according to the mission president in that area. I'm almost certain I have been called to Arkansas because of my Mission President. I can't wait to meet him. This Devotional was also broadcast to other MTC's. My district sings in the choir and we performed that night, I made sure I was in the middle somewhere so maybe they would show me on the screen so Liv could see me from Mexico! And they did! And I heard she saw me! That makes me so happy! I was thinking about her the whole time!

So speaking of choir...We have practice on Sundays and Tuesdays. The teacher is Brother Egget and he is amazing. Not only can he make a group of bad singers sound incredible, he also gives us lots of cool information and background about the songs we sing. He really is so great and the main reason everyone goes to choir is because of him. It’s weird we feel the spirit so strong during choir! haha. At the devotional we sang Praise to the Man. Last week in the news paper there was an article on the Top 100 Most Influential Religious Leaders in America. Guess who was #1?...Yep Joseph Smith =)

Out of the 100's of scriptures I read each week my favorite this week was Mormon 8:34-35It basically is evidence that the Book of Mormon was written specifically for us. That he was speaking to us "as if we were present." You all should go read it and think on it. It's really cool. 

So investigators....
Ivanleisse...She stresses me out. Our last lesson with her she painted her nails and played on her phone for most of the time. We don't know how to nicely ask her to put away distractions in Spanish. We will work on that this week ha. 
Lucio (Hermano Rowley, our teacher) is my favorite investigator right now. We taught him a lesson on the spirit and man I felt the spirit like crazy in that room. It was my favorite lesson I've taught so far. We invited him to be baptized and he said he would work towards it! It seriously is so cool how words just come to me and I can explain exactly what I want to. I walked out of that lesson walking on clouds. We are learning how to prepare better lessons and I'm super happy about that.
We also will begin teaching Benjamin (Hermano Clarke) this week. 

I've said this before but Hermano Clarke is AMAZING. I don't think there is a better teacher here in the MTC. We also have another teacher Hermana Ferrell (from Morgan) and she is equally as incredible. They both are single and we are trying to get them to go on a date. haha. I look forward to class when they are teaching. They are so smart and so passionate about missionary work. They've been a huge inspiration to us. It'll be sad to say goodbye to them.

I have officially memorized the 1st vision, baptism invitation, and missionary purpose in Espanol! woohoo!  
Oh and yes I broke the girl’s free throw record this week =) I'm going to do it again this week so I can beat the boys too. 

Something that won't be funny to you guys but is absolutely hilarious to me and Elder Tidwell...Pelota tan fuerte <-- means "ball so hard" an expression in basketball. It's so funny in Spanish hahaha we use it all the time when we are playing.

Elder Piggot is one of the elders here, he is originally from Columbia, was adopted and lived in Hawaii and then came to Utah. He was converted and baptized just 2 years ago. We have become really good friends lately. I feel like I've known him my whole life. He has picked up the language really quick and was going to leave early to the field this week but decided to stay! I'm so happy! Converts have the best testimonies and we learn a lot from him. He is super sarcastic so we get along really well. 

There was like 7 birthdays in my family this last week so Happy Birthday everyone!! 
And thank you all for packages!! I LOVE THEM. 

If anyone is wondering..el evanhelio es verdad. 
When Christ served and ministered while he was on earth he left people in complete awe because of his power and the miracles he performed. I want to do that too. Leave a lesson with my investigators in complete awe at how incredible the gospel is. That’s my goal. 

Love you all.
 Some of the native speakers that are down the hall from us. We always say "Hola!" to them and then they go off in a bunch of Spanish. They think we are lots smarter in the language then we are. We just kind of shuffle off all awkwardly because we don't know how to reply to them. I'm sure they laugh at us plenty, but we are all good friends!




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  1. Love Love Love this girl! Her letters crack me up! 😂 A perfect balance of a missionary and a normal girl. I love that she's breaking basketball records in the MTC! And the stick figure drawing is perfect! 💙