Friday, March 13, 2015

Some Cool Things I've Learned...

So I wanted to share some cool things that I learned this week…

Hermano Clark showed us the scripture Malachi 3:3.  He was taking a class at BYU and they were studying this chapter.  Someone in his class wanted to research more so she went and took a tour about refining silver.  Without telling her tour guide this was for a gospel class, she asked how it works.  He told her the refiner holds the piece of silver over the fire and watches it super carefully until it’s done.  She asked how he knows when it’s done.  He told her, “When he can see his reflection in the silver”.
God holds us over the fire sometimes, but He is always watching us carefully.  Watching us overcome and endure through that trial patiently and with faith.  Once he can see His reflection in us, He takes us out of the fire.  He’s got us!

We were asked “What makes you enjoy being in this church?”  I gave it some thought and realized there are lots of reasons!  But my studying and thinking lead me to conclude that I love being in this church because I have a God I can trust.  I’m told from scriptures if I pray, God will answer my prayers - and He does!  I’m told in the scriptures when I stay close to God and His gospel, Satan has less power over me - and that’s true!  I have lots more examples.  I’ve applied what the scriptures say and what I’ve learned of this church and it’s never failed me.  God is 100% trustworthy!  Although I have not experienced it yet, I know I can live with my family forever.  I know I have the opportunity to become a Goddess to my future husband.  I know my Grandma Kathy is waiting on the other side for her family.  How do I know these things are true?  Because God says so!  And He always keeps His promises!  He has NEVER failed me!

Look up Mosiah 4:6 and Mosiah23:22  

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