Monday, May 30, 2016


Transfers! I'm staying! Sister Evans is leaving! We are currently waiting for President’s email to find out where she is going and who is coming here. I'm super excited to stay here! This will be my last full transfer....:/ I dunno how to feel about that yet. 

So let's see this past week…

Jarvis got baptized this week!!!

Okay so cool story- Our zone leaders gave us a challenge a couple weeks ago to fast for an "experience" that we hadn't had so far on our missions. I fasted for the chance to find someone from "scratch" and see them be baptized. So for some reason it didn't actually occur to me until Jarvis stepping in the water THAT HE WAS MY ANSWER! The spirit lit a spark in me and it hit me all at once. We had found him just 3 weeks earlier, and now I was watching him be baptized! I'm not sure why it took me so long to figure out that that was my answer but it was a really powerful moment for me and I am so excited for Jarvis! Power of fasting! 

I ate my first Philippines (it took me so many times to spell that just now) meal of my life and holy moly folks they fed us a lot of food. We had 2 main course meals and 3 was insane. Sister Evans and I were doing everything we could to keep from bursting into laughter because we couldn't believe how much food we were being given. And I ate mussels for my first..and last time. Haha But other than that it was good :) They kept saying "no no no in our culture when we cook you have to eat a lot, you’re not eating enough."  Haha oh dear

We had to bike this week. Hahahaha oh my gosh this area has so many hills. It takes us a good 2 miles just to get out of our neighborhood and it's just hill after hill after hill. In all honestly I had to do the hardest physical thing on my mission so far... We walked our bikes up the mother of all hills and I thought I was going to die. We were sweaty messes.  It was like the woman's pull round 2, except "humid-er" and we didn't get lunch afterwards. Haha

Anyways, we also did back to back exchanges this weekend. I had Sister Lawson and Quick with me here and then went with Spanish sisters and I went with Hermana Hudson! #BLESSED because I got to work in Spanish again and wear my Hermana name tag and ate food from Peru! I was a happy camper. I love Hermana Hudson. God truly has helped me maintain the language. I was able to dive right back in. Gift of tongues is real y'all. 
We set dates with our investigator's family this week! And they all came to church! The 7 year old LOVED primary. She didn't want to leave ha. Things are going well with them!

And last kinda random story-
The 1st counselor in the bishopric pulled us and a recent convert, Chiquita aside yesterday at church. He then extended a calling to Chiquita with activity days. Her face just lit up and she was so honored and excited. I'm not sure why he had us in there but I'm so glad he did. It was a really cool moment for me. To watch little things like this and see Gods kingdom being established bit by bit. To see a brand new member get a calling and just be absolutely thrilled about it. This ward is so extremely good about retaining new members and establishing the church here. 

In MLC we discussed "the vision" for the next 5-10 years and it's going to be amazing to look back years down the road and see how far the South has come. I'm eternally grateful for Heavenly Father letting me be a part of a sliver of it. 

I'll finish with a quote that is hung by my study area
"Do I want to be happy? Forget myself and get lost in this great cause. Lend my efforts to helping people...stand higher, lift those with feeble knees, hold up the arms of those that hand down. LIVE the Gospel of Jesus Christ." -President Hinckley

Love y'all
Las quiero 

Hermana & Sister Moore

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

(1 SAMUEL 15:22)

Well I've been the absolute worst with pictures this week! And I really don't have too much to write. Sorry I'm kind of boring!

This week we had specialized training in Pine Bluff. Sister Evans and I "had the privilege" to instruct. Haha We spent a lot of time on our knees trying to figure out what to instruct on. But it all came together real well! 

I have grown to gain such a strong testimony of the sacrament. In those 10 minutes I feel the closest with my Savior and it's the biggest relief being able to renew my covenants.  It truly is the most important thing I do during the week. 

Our investigator was at church again! All her kiddos slept in.... But her son from Texas is in town for the summer and has met with missionaries before! We still are really excited about them!

We visited a member in a rest home this week, Frankie. And she wanted us to share Joseph Smiths first vision with her. We pulled it up on our iPads and had her start reading it and the more she read the more excited she got and was bouncing in her seat and kept repeating "This is my favorite thing in the world!" Haha
But really what is more exciting than the Restoration of Christ’s church?!? 

I love the ward here! They are growing on my so quickly. Amazing families! 

My English name tag came in this week; I'll admit I was a little sad to take off my original "Hermana Moore" I got my first day in the MTC. :/

President’s Wise words of the week:
"If there is one thing I'm perfect at, it’s being rebuked by the Holy Ghost." 
Hahaha He's the best. 

President gave us the challenge back in March to finish the New Testament by the end of May. So I'm working on that, and loving every second! 

My motto for everything lately: 
1 Sam 15:22 "To obey is better than sacrifice"

I think this week I worried about the little things too much, so this next week I'm going to be better at just enjoying things as they come and recognizing the miracles more!:) 

I love y'all! 
Te Quiero

Sister Moore

Monday, May 16, 2016

 Happy late Birthday to Rustyn and early Birthday to Kam. :) I meant to send cards...but an email shout out will do..right? :/

And Happy Wedding to Charly & Travis!! ...hopefully that makes up for not sending a card as well...

If I were to give this week a hashtag it would be #ScripturePower
There is a lady who has been taught for like 6 months now by the Elders, and they referred her to us in hopes that a fresh set of missionaries would help. She believes the church is true, and the whole Ward already knows her, but she had such a good baptism experience previously that she didn't want to do it again. We studied LOTS for her and came across D&C 22. We stuck strictly to scriptures and by the end of the lesson she just looked as us and knew exactly what she needed to do. We didn't even have to invite her. All she said was "OK I'll pray about a date." Bummer thing is she won't actually pick a date or let us set one. But it was a huge step forward! The scriptures brought so much power and clarity. 
There is another investigator we have been teaching, and we both had the feeling that we maybe should drop her. But at the end of the lesson she told us her daughter had stolen her Book of Mormon and had it under her pillow. She had been reading and praying every single night and has felt a big difference in her life since doing so. She approached her mom and said, "we need to go to the Mormon church."Her daughter is too nervous to meet with us right now, but such a huge testimony again, of the power of scriptures!
We taught the Book of Mormon class this week on studying scriptures and the relief society lesson was on scripture study. One of the women commented that her husband loved and knew the scriptures so well and because of that their children grew up with a firm knowledge of them too. She said despite her children's rebellious nature, their foundation of the scriptures has made it incredibly difficult for them to leave the church. #scripturepower 

This week we handed the two brother investigators over to the elders. It will be a better teaching situation. But one of them is planning on being baptized this month! Yay!

We are stressed, but oh so #blessed. :) 

Have a good week! 
Love y'all 
Las Quiero

Sister Moore

Monday, May 9, 2016

This week was so busy I forgot cinco de mayo  :( darn

Also- so fun to talk with the fam yesterday! Happy Mother's Day! :) 
We had a leadership meeting.
We learned how to be Christlike leaders and received instruction from President and the APs.

In a nutshell:
Matthew 28:19-20  GO, TEACH, BAPTIZE

Jeremiah 20:9 and 2 Corinthians 3:3- His Word needs to be in my DNA

There are three types of people 
1. Make it happen
2. Watch it happen
3. Wonder what happened
Be a Nephi

"For every door we knock here in Arkansas, someone in Mexico gets baptized." 
Hahahahahahahaha so true. 



We set a goal for 5 to church again this week. We had been in Glenwood all weekend, so we were calling on all angels to help us still reach our goals on Sunday and see everyone we needed to. Sunday morning we drove all over waking everyone up for church.  One of our investigators and her 2 kids came! #soblessed because we hadn't seen them all week! And then...this is the big miracle part...we see these 2 boys we've been teaching come walking in with a family from the ward! They came last week, but we had to set up their ride and call and remind them a bunch, so we could hardly believe it when they came again this week! We did absolutely nothing! Apparently they had made friends with some of the young men last week and now those young men and their families are giving them rides to church, mutual, and they plan to go to the father and sons camp out this weekend. #SOBLESSSED #MEMBERS. These 2 boys don't have a lot of support at home, so it's been awesome to see the members take them in, without us even having to ask! Ahhh yay. And we saw them after church and set dates with both of them. Super exciting!
Lots of potential here in Pinnacle Mountain! It's been weird because we haven't had one focus person, new people keep popping up, which is awesome! But we hope to start solidifying some of them this week.

Life is crazy and so busy but I'm just soaking in every second of these last few months. Have a blessed week!

Love y'all!
Les quiero

Monday, May 2, 2016



This week I learned the difference between detergent and softener (is that what it's called??) I went for the cheap stuff and ended up buying the wrong stuff. #ThingsILearnedOnMyMission
I also bought my first bottle of Tabasco sauce. I miss spicy food. 

We have been doing so much planning, scheduling, giving sisters rides, sisters sleeping over.. So much fun and so much to do!  The extra hours spent planning this week was crazy.

We had one new sister, Sister Stringham, come into the mission this week. We got to Blitz with her and her trainer, Sister Mathison. I was assigned to go with Sister Stringham and we got a lot of door knocking practice with her! It took me back to my first couple weeks when I had no idea how to do anything. Haha She is awesome though and we all had a good time! That night we were invited to have dinner and testimony meeting at the Mission home with them, the Wakolos, and APs. Super intimate testimony meeting. And it's always fun to be in the mission home!

I definitely believe that the field is white in every area, but something about this area is just WHITER. Holy smokes we did so much finding this week and found 20 plus potentials. It's insane! This area is just straight GOLD. It feels so prepared and I've LOVED knocking the crap out of it this week. #blessed because God sent me to Pinnacle Mountain. 

Wednesday night we tried contacting a few potentials in this area and some little kids came up to us and started asking us questions and making conversation, we had them lead us back to their home and wanted to talk to their mom. She was busy so we set a return appointment. We went back Saturday to contact them again and met their mom..and SHE IS GOLDEN. She is looking for change in her life, accepted the Bible and BOM, is new to the area is looking for a church for her family. We didn't even get into the doctrine very much, all we did was explain how church works with primary and youth activities and she was so excited! Before leaving, we stood in a circle and held hands with her and her 5 kids and said a prayer, and she was in tears and the spirit was so strong! MIRACLES. It's amazing how the work can turn around in the blink of an eye. Golden new family. Looking back it's just amazing how God can lead us to that area to find other potentials that lead us to meeting this family, and how he truly has people prepared. The church is true folks. 

So flash back to last week during weekly planning we set high goals. This area hadn't hit some of these goals that we set for months. So it was a big leap of faith. One of which was 5 to church. Saturday morning we weren't real sure how we were going to make that goal because all of our other investigators had things come up, and then this new family. They came and they loved every second. The kids loved the class and found friends. They stayed for all 3 hours and will be back next week! She even asked if she could pay tithing! Ha We are having dinner with them at a members house tonight and we are just thrilled with this huge tender mercy God has given us. 

I'm almost obnoxiously happy! I just love life. I'm just trying to live up every minute I have. I think I drive Sister Evans a little bit crazy sometimes because I just can't help but be so happy! We've definitely had our downs this week and plenty of super stressful moments but ultimately I've just felt so so enthusiastic about the work and I thank Heavenly Father and my Savior every day for allowing me be a missionary. 


Love y'all
Les quiero