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Hello from Morrilton! 
Something kind of funny...
Russellville- "I'm fixin to go to the store"
Danville- "I'm fixin to go to the store"
Memphis- I'm finna go to the store"
Pinnacle- "I'm finna go to the store"
Morrilton- "I'm fixin to go to the store" 

I love it here! The members are great. Oh my heavens the Peterson family... I was meant to meet them. I'll have to send a picture. They are gold. Jessie, one of the daughters is headed out on a mission and spent some time teaching with us this week. I LOVE HER. They are one of those families that I feel immediately like they are my family. It's a struggle because I have a handful of families that "I want to be like when I grow up" and I'm going to have to take on multiple careers and lifestyles but there are just so many incredible people and I want to be like all of them! 

So yes, miracles are real because at the beginning of the week...I was worried I'll be honest. The teaching pool was tinsy, there was nothing going on...and Sister Moore was STRESSED OUT. But God is so good and when we get to work He just showers down the blessings. We were 1 person to church away from hitting the SOE this week. Without going into much detail, that is HUGE. I haven't prayed so hard in so long. I've been constantly on my knees pleading for the spirit to guide us and that we can be the instruments that God needs us to be for this area. It's been incredible to see the change in just a short few days. 

Also, I'm not going crazy I promise, but I actually am enjoying the humidity a lot more this summer. I definitely could move here:) 

Also tender mercy..We were sitting in the chapel getting ready for sacrament meeting to start and in walks...Bishop Stokes from Russellville! Turns out he got released as Bishop and is now the High Councilman over Morrilton. #BLESSED It's so good to see Russellville family. 

Companions- Sister Clarke and Sister Fifield are great! We are having a lot of fun together. I love them a lot! Sister Fifield’s aunt was my Spanish teacher in 7th grade! Haha she is from Kaysville and Sister Clarke is from New Mexico. 

So 2 main miracles this week:
We were out walking and saw a guy cleaning out his fishing boat so we started helping him and struck up conversation.  We left him with a pamphlet to read and he told us we could come back. When we went back by we couldn't go inside because there wasn't a women home so we talked on the porch. He had read the pamphlet and found an old Book of Mormon that he had already had and has already read and accepted a baptismal date for August! #blessed  gosh dang it missionary work is the best! Come to find out he was already in the area book as someone who wasn't interested. So cool to see he has changed his mind! We are super excited about him! 

There was a Spanish potential in the area book. Normally he would be covered by the Russellville Spanish missionaries but it's a lot of miles so he hadn't been seen yet. So we went by and brought a member, Zakk, who had just gotten back from a Spanish speaking mission with us so he could help me teach and it went so well! He also accepted a date for August! It'll be a bit challenging because he'll have to attend the Russellville branch but for now this returned missionary and I are going to keep teaching him. #vivalaraza #morriltonspanishbranch 

Oh and here is my address:
102 A Eastgate Drive
Morrilton AR 72110

The Atonement is real. I feel Heavenly Father helping me finish my mission strong! Studies have been so good. I feel the power of missionary work every day. 

Love y'all
Las quiero 
Hermana Moore 


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