Monday, August 1, 2016

What the heck y'all...
So the biggest miracle of the week...I got news that...DANIELA AND JAMIE ARE GETTING SEALED IN SLC ON AUGUST 17!! The day after I get home. As soon as I got word I just broke down into tears. So amazing. Originally they weren't going to go until December, but a family in Danville are heading to Utah so they are tagging along with them. They had no idea when my home date was so none of this was planned. But God sure knew and He is just too good. It'll be so nice to be able to come home to Arkansas family - looks like I'll get on the plane after all:)

This week was another real busy week! We got a ton done and found a lot more people to start teaching! We found two more Spanish families this week as well! It has been such a huge tender mercy to be able to teach in Spanish. Sister Peterson speaks Spanish so she and I went out for a few hours together and tackled all the Spanish we've been finding.

Four of the less active families we've been working with were at church this week! Some hadn't been in years. SO COOL! The ward is doing a big emphasis on home and visiting teaching right now- lots of rescuing coming soon!

A lady from the ward passed away suddenly this last weekend. We attended her funeral this week, and her son serving his mission in California flew home for the funeral. He bore his testimony at the funeral- oh my heavens. It was so powerful. He is one of the 4 kids, 2 of which have some disabilities, and all are now orphans. It was amazing to hear him bare his witness of the priesthood and the restored gospel. He flew back out 2 days afterwards to finish the last 5 months of his mission. Okay Utah, don't get offended, but the wards and branches out here are so united. Since they are the minority they depend so much on each other. It's been a big example to me to watch the ward come together and take care of this family.

Today I'm spending the day in Russellville with Sam! We are going to go see some old friends :) Driving into Russellville I felt like I was home!

Although being a missionary is my "normal" by this point, I still feel I am constantly learning and relearning each day. It's been awesome to not reach a "stopping point" and to continue progressing. My mind is all over the place but I'm still so happy and the work is awesome. I feel my testimony of the Savior has deepened a lot these last 2 weeks. I needed to be in Morrilton. 

Love y'all
Las quiero

The church is true FYI

Hermana Moore 

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