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I'm going to be a better writer this week! Lots of details to make up for last week. Ready?:)

A story I missed from last Thursday:
It was a long rough day. I kept getting lost-_- we went so many miles. We hardly had any lessons. Lots of last minute errands kept coming up. Just random things that made the day feel so unproductive. At one point throughout the day we had been near Aleasha’s apartment and left a little sticky note for her to come home to after work. As we were getting into bed, feeling a little (a lot) defeated we get a text from her. She explained a situation that had happened with her best friend who is very against her joining the church. She said our note made her day and had her in tears. It was exactly what she needed. Huge tender mercies for her and for us.

ALL THE GOLDEN PEOPLE ARE BEING FOUND RIGHT AS I LEAVE PINNACLE! Mary Ann is a new investigator. So receptive. We had walked by her house on Sunday and we saw her daughter in the window so we knocked. She is a young mom and was looking for a family church. We taught the restoration and she loved it. Her daughter wanted selfies after and called us her "best friends." So sad to leave them.

So Aleasha is the strongest new member ever. She has been cut off by family and friends and there has been so much persecution. The social change has been real hard. On Tuesday we stopped by to see her and we both felt incredibly impressed to invite her to teach with us. Which at first seemed odd because she was just baptized 2 days before, but she agreed and was super excited! She came with us to see and teach Mikell and it was awesome! Aleasha is one y'all will definitely have to meet!! I'm heartbroken to leave her and her kids.

Lots of packing and goodbyes. Of course, there is never enough time to say goodbye to anyone. But we did get to see a few people. We had Book of Mormon class as well and Mikell came!
We got up early and went to the church to play basketball with Mikell and the Elders. Mikell is so solid! Ahhh I officially left pinnacle mountain and said goodbye to sister King :( and was switched to Spanish with Hermana Hudson! WOOHOO I’M HERMANA MOORE AGAIN! We had a few lessons, Spanish is coming back slowly but surely. Most of the day we spent packing. The Hermanas are moving Apartments so we packed and cleaned so the office elders could get us all moved... And then as they were on their way the tornado sirens went off and we all had to go in.

We also had a meeting with the Little Rock Stake President, President Wakolo and the rest of the leaders in the zone on the missionary work in the stake.
We moved apartments finally! Lots of packing. The office elders came and helped us get all moved in. Once we finally got moved in we were able to go out teaching with a member who took us to meet her friend and her family! Yay for teaching in Spanish again! Then we came home late and hadn't had dinner yet and I was hangry. So we start searching for food and realize that we left half of it at the old apartment. So then we went to cook eggs and realized there was no pan. And then we were going to make oatmeal but then realized there was no microwave. I ended up making eggs in a pot and dipped them in peanut butter. Hahaha
We woke up extra early to go hike Pinnacle Mountain with the Hermanas in the branch! And then pretty much all day we helped prepare food for the wedding and baptism. The Spanish elders baptized a family of 5! So amazing! President and his family attended and as we were waiting for the transfer email to come, (I had been trying to get President to tell me where I'm going all week) so he pulled me aside and told me where I'm going and why I'm going there... So I'll be spending my last month in....MORRILTON!!:) I'm going back to North Little Rock zone! It's 25 minutes from Russellville!:) I'll be in a trio with Sister Fifield and Sister Clark. I’m being referred as "Hermana" but Morrilton is an English area. So I guess it'll be zebra? There won't be much Spanish work I don't think but a little bit! When I was in Russellville, Morrilton was a great area and there were monthly baptisms but lately it's been super dead. So much work to be done and it's so exciting!! President gave me some specific things he wants to see happen. It'll be good! :)

HUGE TENDER MERCY: Because of all the storms this week Pinnacle Mountain’s power went out and they had to attend church at the Otter Creek building, which is the same building as the Spanish branch! And even better, all the sister missionaries serving in the otter creek building got to sing in the English ward’s sacrament meeting! It was so fun to see everyone one last time! I attended my last Spanish branch church service as a missionary! Breaks my heart! It's been awesome to be back Spanish for a couple days.

Temple trip! My last one! And I got to see Hermana Lewis! She leaves tomorrow! It's so crazy I can't believe it. I can't begin to explain how amazing she is and how incredible this day had been being able to spend it with her. I know 100% she was meant to train me. She has had the biggest impact on my mission. I wish I had words to thank her.

Last week, there was a night we got in for the night and I just felt so overwhelmed. There were so many changes that happened this week. Different areas and companions, getting released. Watching someone new take over a ward that I love :( And I'm still not the biggest fan of change :) but I felt a wave of security come over me that reminded me that the Savior is constant. It's so comforting to feel attached to Him.

Scripture I loved this week John 15:5
“I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in
him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do

Love y'all
Las quiero
Hermana Moore




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