Monday, May 2, 2016



This week I learned the difference between detergent and softener (is that what it's called??) I went for the cheap stuff and ended up buying the wrong stuff. #ThingsILearnedOnMyMission
I also bought my first bottle of Tabasco sauce. I miss spicy food. 

We have been doing so much planning, scheduling, giving sisters rides, sisters sleeping over.. So much fun and so much to do!  The extra hours spent planning this week was crazy.

We had one new sister, Sister Stringham, come into the mission this week. We got to Blitz with her and her trainer, Sister Mathison. I was assigned to go with Sister Stringham and we got a lot of door knocking practice with her! It took me back to my first couple weeks when I had no idea how to do anything. Haha She is awesome though and we all had a good time! That night we were invited to have dinner and testimony meeting at the Mission home with them, the Wakolos, and APs. Super intimate testimony meeting. And it's always fun to be in the mission home!

I definitely believe that the field is white in every area, but something about this area is just WHITER. Holy smokes we did so much finding this week and found 20 plus potentials. It's insane! This area is just straight GOLD. It feels so prepared and I've LOVED knocking the crap out of it this week. #blessed because God sent me to Pinnacle Mountain. 

Wednesday night we tried contacting a few potentials in this area and some little kids came up to us and started asking us questions and making conversation, we had them lead us back to their home and wanted to talk to their mom. She was busy so we set a return appointment. We went back Saturday to contact them again and met their mom..and SHE IS GOLDEN. She is looking for change in her life, accepted the Bible and BOM, is new to the area is looking for a church for her family. We didn't even get into the doctrine very much, all we did was explain how church works with primary and youth activities and she was so excited! Before leaving, we stood in a circle and held hands with her and her 5 kids and said a prayer, and she was in tears and the spirit was so strong! MIRACLES. It's amazing how the work can turn around in the blink of an eye. Golden new family. Looking back it's just amazing how God can lead us to that area to find other potentials that lead us to meeting this family, and how he truly has people prepared. The church is true folks. 

So flash back to last week during weekly planning we set high goals. This area hadn't hit some of these goals that we set for months. So it was a big leap of faith. One of which was 5 to church. Saturday morning we weren't real sure how we were going to make that goal because all of our other investigators had things come up, and then this new family. They came and they loved every second. The kids loved the class and found friends. They stayed for all 3 hours and will be back next week! She even asked if she could pay tithing! Ha We are having dinner with them at a members house tonight and we are just thrilled with this huge tender mercy God has given us. 

I'm almost obnoxiously happy! I just love life. I'm just trying to live up every minute I have. I think I drive Sister Evans a little bit crazy sometimes because I just can't help but be so happy! We've definitely had our downs this week and plenty of super stressful moments but ultimately I've just felt so so enthusiastic about the work and I thank Heavenly Father and my Savior every day for allowing me be a missionary. 


Love y'all
Les quiero 


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