Tuesday, May 24, 2016

(1 SAMUEL 15:22)

Well I've been the absolute worst with pictures this week! And I really don't have too much to write. Sorry I'm kind of boring!

This week we had specialized training in Pine Bluff. Sister Evans and I "had the privilege" to instruct. Haha We spent a lot of time on our knees trying to figure out what to instruct on. But it all came together real well! 

I have grown to gain such a strong testimony of the sacrament. In those 10 minutes I feel the closest with my Savior and it's the biggest relief being able to renew my covenants.  It truly is the most important thing I do during the week. 

Our investigator was at church again! All her kiddos slept in.... But her son from Texas is in town for the summer and has met with missionaries before! We still are really excited about them!

We visited a member in a rest home this week, Frankie. And she wanted us to share Joseph Smiths first vision with her. We pulled it up on our iPads and had her start reading it and the more she read the more excited she got and was bouncing in her seat and kept repeating "This is my favorite thing in the world!" Haha
But really what is more exciting than the Restoration of Christ’s church?!? 

I love the ward here! They are growing on my so quickly. Amazing families! 

My English name tag came in this week; I'll admit I was a little sad to take off my original "Hermana Moore" I got my first day in the MTC. :/

President’s Wise words of the week:
"If there is one thing I'm perfect at, it’s being rebuked by the Holy Ghost." 
Hahaha He's the best. 

President gave us the challenge back in March to finish the New Testament by the end of May. So I'm working on that, and loving every second! 

My motto for everything lately: 
1 Sam 15:22 "To obey is better than sacrifice"

I think this week I worried about the little things too much, so this next week I'm going to be better at just enjoying things as they come and recognizing the miracles more!:) 

I love y'all! 
Te Quiero

Sister Moore

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