Monday, April 11, 2016

This week’s happenings-

-Amber had baby Ellowyn!! I got a picture and she is DARLING!

- a less active had us "bodyguard" while he mowed a lawn in a sketchy area haha #strong

- we realized the branch roster was not up to date. We wanted to clean it all up so we've been calling all the less actives trying to figure out whose numbers still work and who has moved and all that jazz. So that's been a big chunk of the week. We made a report of everything we found and have been trying to gather info in hopes of being a bit more organized with the roster. Organized is good:) 

- Hermana Ponce and Hudson came and blitzed the area 
- Zone meeting. The next couple months we are focusing on Christlike attributes, teaching like Christ and the New Testament!

- The branch knows my favorite food is ice cream so I literally eat ice cream EVERY DAY. :) :/ 

- We were painting a less active’s fence and we start hearing a bunch of yelling and fighting and then gun shots start going off #memphis 

-Daniela and Jaime went through the temple on Saturday!!!! 

I came to the mission field 2 days after their baptism. And it's a rule that President has set that if we weren't there for the baptism then we can't go to the temple with them. Because I worked with them for almost 10 months and since I barely missed their baptism I thought for sure I would get permission to go. But president didn't want to make an exception to the rule and told me I couldn't go. I definitely was super sad and disappointed. Saturday came and I wanted to ask president for permission to at least to see my Russellville family who would be at the temple just 25 minutes away from me! But I felt like I shouldn't and respect his decision. I was a little bitter. But holy moly obedience and sacrifice bring so many blessings because Saturday night and Sunday were AMAZING! #miraclesonmiraclesonmiracles

-We had an appointment with a less active Saturday night. He ended up not being home so we started talking to his neighbor who was outside and come to find out.. He is a member! And he was one on our list of less actives that we had no information for! He said he had been thinking about the church lately and that it was a miracle that we came by! 

-I also received a short encouraging email from president which definitely was a little tender mercy. 

-We had brought a member to teach with us this week and found out that that member was hanging out with one of our investigators! #blessssedd

-So then on Sunday...we had 7 of our investigators to church!!! Sacrament meeting was amazing. It was testimony meeting and I felt just super happy and I was able to bare my testimony to the branch for the first time and I felt such a love for them and the happiness I felt is indescribable! HAPPIEST HOUR OF THE WEEK:) 

-4 of the investigators stayed for all 3 hours! 

-Elder Donald L Hallstrom from this last conference quoted Elder Holland and said "You can get what you want, or you can get something better" God’s way is always the better way. He knows us and he knows best. 

With that in mind anyone considering a mission....GO! This isn't the easiest thing I've ever done but it's easily the happiest. Follow the prophets counsel "May we ever choose the harder right instead of the easier wrong" 

I love my mission, I love my Savior. 

Tip- on your gospel library app. Go download the audio version of conference and listen to them as you drive or get ready for the day! 

Love y'all 
Les quiero

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