Monday, March 7, 2016

 Goodbye Russellville round 2 

Well it's transfer time again and I'm going to MemphisI was kind of expecting it. A part of me thought I could have one more in Russellville but it would have been too good to be true. So I'm now I'm the Memphis south Spanish area with Hermana Madsen! It's an all Spanish area which will be real good for me! But also really different. I'm sad to leave Mac. We've had so much fun! 
The work was incredibly slow this week. Most of our week was centered around my tooth issue. Also this week highlighted how these members are absolute CHAMPS. 
My tooth wasn't bad Sunday and Monday. Then Tuesday night we went to sync our iPads and the pain fired up real bad. It actually was super inspired because we were on bikes and we both had the feeling to start heading closer to our apartment so we were close to home by the time it started hurting. Some members came by and dropped off some medicine but the pain was way too strong. I got a whopping total of an hour and a half of sleep. Every time I tried to lie down the pain would be worse. Most of the night I studied scriptures, read my journal and tried to find all sorts of crazy positions to sleep sitting or standing up. 

Wednesday we had zone meeting. I was finally able to get into the dentist that morning and I told them I need a root canal. (this is not my first rodeo) But they told me since I hadn't got my teeth cleaned since my mission that I just needed a cleaning for now -_-  so after zone meeting I went back to get my teeth cleaned. 
And believe it or not, it didn't fix the pain.  I had the same issue on and off all day and even more so that night. At this point I was already exhausted and the pain was so bad. This was easily one of the top worst nights of my life. But I had decided since I couldn't sit or lay down I would just find things to do. So I made brownies and showered and paced the halls in tears.  Now the pain was just as bad standing up so around 4 I woke Hermana Mac up to try to help me call someone. She said I looked way scary. My eyes were purple and my face was white and I was saying weird things and it was just bad bad bad. Did I mention I was in a lot of pain?? We tried calling and texting the mission nurse, Sister Wakolo and members for any advice or any sort of anything. But no one answered. A little later I wanted to try to fall asleep one more time. I think the exhaustion just took over completely and I was able to sleep until 7. When Mac walked in she said she felt angels around me. It was a miracle honestly. 
So long story short I went back into the dentist 2 more times. They gave me some good pain pills and told me I need a root canal. The pain pills worked nicely and I slept all day Thursday :) I'll have to find a dentist once I get to my area. 

I cannot say thank you enough to my Russellville family for taking such good care of me. 
They gave us tons of rides this week. Went on splits with Mac while I slept and went to my appointments. Sat with me during my appointments. Brought me medicine. Let me crash on their couch to sleep. Checked in on me. They are the best. 
So yea that was a huge chunk of the week. We did get some work done though!
We had a cool experience on Tuesday. Every Tuesday Veronica feeds us and then comes teaching with us afterwards. We usually set the plans but she said she felt inspired to visit a less active family and that we needed to change plans. This is a recent convert family from Utah. They are caring for a sick family member and haven't been able to make it to church much. We got in and talked with the mom of the family. Turns out she has been praying for extra support and love and even had a dream of the elders that baptized her and her family the night before. So when she saw the 2 black name tags at her door she knew her prayers had been answered. She was emotional and grateful for our visit. The plans are for her to be able to come to church every week and start her temple prep classes! Super inspired visit. 
Saturday we were out working all day and saw no one all day. Sunday I packed and said my goodbyes. Honestly it is so hard to go so long without teaching. I feel weird today. A little disconnected even, so hopefully this week will be full of work! 

So how do I feel about leaving Russellville? Sad. These people have been my world. My focus in studies, the majority of my prayers and fasting, my "temporary moms." But I'll be back :) I love them. I'm super attached and I already have plans with families to come back and visit soo....:) it's only a 24 hour drive mom! Road trips! I'm so grateful Heavenly Father gave me the opportunity to serve here for so long.

But I am excited for a new adventure too :) 

Moving forward things I want to work on in my new area:
-I want to have more confidence as I approach people. To be better at not fearing man. 
-I want to enjoy every second because time is just flying! 

Also if you want to get pumped about missionary work, go watch/listen to “Missionary Work and TheAtonement” by Jeffrey R Holland and President Eyring

Love y'all
Les quiero 


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