Monday, February 29, 2016


CONGRATS TO LAYTON FOR TAKING STATE!!! THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER! ..besides being on a mission ;) haha  But really that is too exciting!!!

Meanwhile back in Russellville..

Tuesday after district meeting we went out to eat at McCallisters. Turns out a less active in Conway is a manager there and recognized us. He ended up not only paying for our food but bought us cheesecake too. #blessed. 
We set 2 more dates this week. One guy- we taught him the restoration on his front porch, he accepted a date for March, came to church this Sunday and really liked it! And is already in Jacob in the BOM. Yay for him! And a gal- We taught Restoration, invited to baptism and it was so cool because the spirit was so thick, it was almost like the spirit said yes for her. In her face you could tell she was even surprised by her own answer. We've been able to apply a lot of what the AP's taught us last week and we've been lots better at introducing the spirit and helping them recognize it. It's been a huge help. 

We thought we lost the couple we’ve been teaching. We had a couple rough days, but they are back and we are picking up the lessons again with them. Hopefully things continue to pick up. 

To celebrate my ONE YEAR MARK my mom is a champ and my Christian CD came in ;) and during studies I received an answer to a question I had been searching for, for weeks. Happy one year to me!

Saturday was insane. We got a last minute text Friday night that we would have interviews with President Saturday morning. They went really well. It’s always good to see President. I thought I would have a better idea afterwards if I have another transfer in Russellville or if I'm out, but I still think it could go either way. I would love another one here! We also knelt together as a district with President in prayer at the end of interviews and President prayed for each of us and our families individually. I love President. 

After interviews we got word that Daniela and Jaime were moving last minute and needed help. Luckily almost the whole branch showed up so it went fast but we did that until baptism time. We went straight to the church…that was locked. So people were showing up and we were locked out. We also forgot that the font was still running, so the font was a little overfilled. Something always stressful has to happen on baptism days, it's tradition. But once we all were in there it went awesome! BREANNA IS NOW BAPTIZED! The turnout was awesome, there was a lot of talk about temple being the next step for the Thompson family :) and it all went super smooth. Breanna looked so cute and she was so excited!
After baptism stuff we had to set up and get ready for a FHE/fireside with the branch. We got put in charge of it and put together some activities and things about family history. And then we had a fire outside and roasted s’mores and played a Mexico trivia game. Most of the branch are first generation converts so they have lots of family history work to do and we are trying to get them started. 

Saturday night- We crawled into bed and not 10 minutes later my teeth/tooth/gums??? Everything on my right side of my mouth started hurting. I took medicine, prayed, cried, prayed, got up and down. It was miserable. I'm not sure why but when I stood up and walked around it would feel better but after I laid back down it would hurt all over again. This went on until about 2:30 when finally, I fell asleep. Absolutely miserable. 4 hours of sleep I will never get back. :/

Sunday I was the youth speaker in English sacrament. I talked on increasing our understanding of the Atonement. I also shed a few tears telling everyone how much I love them and Russellville. I gained my testimony of the gospel here, with them. I feel like I was called to this mission specifically to be in Russellville. Not for a specific person, but just the area in general.
 Breanna was confirmed, yay! 

"Therefore, in the ordinances thereof, the power of godliness is manifest." 

During ordinances the spirit is SO STRONG. Breanna’s mom told us afterward that she was nervous to get confirmed in front of everyone but the second the priesthood out their hands on her head she felt super calm and happy. :)  And Jaime received his calling as Elders Quorum President, yay! 

Sunday night I decided I wanted to avoid tooth issues altogether and asked the elders for a blessing. As they laid their hands on my head and started to give me the blessing, I was expecting just a simple healing blessing. But after a long pause of silence it started going a different direction and I received guidance for the work that had nothing to do with my tooth. Things that I needed to hear. I came to realize I may have been given that tooth ache so I would have a reason to get the hands of the priesthood on my head. I slept lots better last night:) yee And God gave me the messages I need to receive. :) 

Have I mentioned the church is true..? 

I'm happy! The work is good! I miss y'all but I'm happy here :)  CTR

 Love y'all

Te quiero 

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