Monday, November 2, 2015


So it was transfer morning again...of course all the nerves are bundled up and we sit by our phone all morning. They usually call between 6:45- 7:30. President told us at last transfers that this was the "last one" and we knew that our fun was over and we both were positive we were splitting...but we waited all morning and kept getting texts from everyone else about who was transferring and we never got the call! Finally around 7:45 the ZL's call us and all we hear is a piano playing "God Be with you Till we Meet again" Salt in the wound...haha We thought they just called us last to be mean. So they said Hermana are staying... And Hermana are also staying...!!!????!!!! WE ARE SAFE! ANOTHER TRANSFER IN RUSSELLVILLE TOGETHER! haha 6 transfers together! No one can even believe it honestly. Even us! We totally thought we were splitting but we are real happy that we have another one! #NovemberMiracle

I got bit by a nasty little dog this week. It was chained up right next to the door so in order to knock I had to take a step towards him. I had my rain boots on so I thought if he bit me it'd just get my boots...nope he still got me -_- And then 2 days later I woke up sick. Obviously we thought it was just the cold/fever that's been going around but then Katie looked up the beginning symptoms on rabies and I had everyone thought it was hilarious that I had rabies. Finally we went to the Dr. in the ward...yes it was embarrassing...and no I don't have rabies. I do have a nice bruise though. I HATE HATE HATE southern dogs!

Daniela and Jamie had us over for dinner and we helped them cook..(kinda) and played with Elizabeth. They got their recommends to go do baptisms and their patriarchal blessing this week! Woohoo! I'm sending over adorable videos of Elizabeth so y’all can love her as much as I do. 

No one bothered to tell us that the time changed this we were up and ready to go to ward council when we realized we were going to be an hour early..and we had woken up at 5:30..that was a little bit of a bummer ha

A couple gator updates:
Lori-she was found during the Russellville blitz. She was progressing so well! She had become friends with a member, was reading the Book of Mormon, she lost her dad over the summer and she recognized that God sent us to her to fill that hole since he has passed. We had a lot of hope for Lori, then we went and saw her this weekend and she said that morning was praying about Joseph Smith and she felt her dad really close to her, closer than she ever has. And she took that as a sign that she needs to go back to her old church... =/ We tried to help her understand her answer..that if she prayed about Joseph Smith and God sends her dad...that’s gotta be some sort of sign right?! But she wasn't convinced..she said we can stop by whenever we want though so we may try to go back over and see if we can pick things back up. 

Zach- (12 year old who was baptized last week) is so solid! The younger ones aren't convinced that 3 hours of church is "fun," so we are working on that. But Zach loves it! He will be getting the priesthood here real soon and also be going with the youth to do baptisms at the temple! He loves mutual; he stays for all 3 hours of church willingly! He comes alone but he loves it! He is our little buddy. He is the Rock for that family. 

HALLOWEEN- We listened to Motab Christmas music all day. We wore orange and black and the fun necklaces grandma sent me! We went to lunch with Jaiden (big sister of family that got baptized last week) We put together little treat bags with a fun quote, candy and pics of Jesus to pass out at the trunk-or-treat and we dressed up as "senior couples!" We even had old lady perfume to wear. haha Lewis played the part well and talked like a grandma all night and walked incredibly slow. haha Again, all the less actives come out of hiding and we try to tract everyone down and sniff out the part member families. And we ate a lot of cupcakes. 

We really want to reach our baptism goal this month and some of the people we are planning on baptizing we haven't even contacted yet. This week was a rough one. I felt like we were sprinting in place. We were out working, we studied hard and planned well and nothing. Right now a lot of our potentials live 30-45 minutes away..and we certainly don't have miles to drive that kind of distance multiple times a week so we have to depend on the members. Which has been hard for them to find time to do that :/  So this week wasn't a lot of progression. Which is real stressful because we need to get this area in gear and reach this November goal. I feel like I've talked a lot about miracles and faith and that’s still what I need..more faith.. I was reading in the classic faith chapter Alma 32. 

17 Yea, there are many who do say: If thou wilt show unto us a sign from heaven, then we shall know of a surety; then we shall believe.

18 Now I ask, is this faith? Behold, I say unto you, Nay; for if a man knoweth a thing he hath no cause to believe, for he knoweth it.

I like big signs. I was hoping to have like 8 dates set this past week..with all of them progressing and ready to go so November would go by smoothly and all the baptisms would  just fall into place. And then this scripture rebuked me. That’s not faith. So if anyone wants to send me some more faith my address is the same as it was in April...208 East F St Apt #2 Russellville ;) 

But really, I need to quit stressing out and doubting. It'll all work out the way He wants it to work out. I JUST LIKE TO DO THINGS MY WAY AND THAT’S NOT HOW IT WORKS AND IT JUST MAKES ME A WEE BIT STRESSED SOMETIMES. 

We do have a lot of people comin’ out of the woodworks. Little tender mercies here and there..the question is how ready are they and how soon we can contact them. Literally on a race against time. It’s good though it keeps the energy and urgency pumping. And it tests my patience and faith..which I need. But November has begun! Expect Miracles! 

Love y’all
Te quiero

Hermana Moore 




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