Monday, June 8, 2015

It's bloody humid. Everything we buy is off brand/Great Value stuff because we're POOR but we have to spend the big bucks on deodorant and shower stuff because we are so sticky and sweaty...and this is only the beginning...

So we now have our IPADS woot woot! We are pretty limited on what we can do right now, basically just the gospel library app, but this Friday we have another meeting for the second step of this whole process and will gradually get into more stuff. But it's already helped out our teaching a ton! We have access to Mormon messages and all that good stuff which has enhanced our lessons a ton! Yee for technology back in our lives! (We still love our planners though, we are sad to give those up)

So some crazy things... Earlier this week…Friday I believe, we had some things we needed to download for a lesson so we went to Katie's to use her wifi. When we pulled in we noticed across the street two people fighting. At first we thought it was 2 men going at it but then realized it was actually a women getting beat up really bad. I don't want to go into details, it gives me a yucky feeling. I haven't ever seen something like that before. We both were just frozen. He finally let her go and slammed the door and she sat on the curb out front. At first we were nervous to go over immediately, worried that he would come back out and get mad at us, but we went over anyway and sat down and talked with her. Come to find out it was her fianc√©. She was super quiet at first and was scared to talk to us. We showed her the “Because He Lives” video. I've watched that video probably 50 times in the last couple months and every time I still get chills. While watching the video I got this overwhelming feeling of safety, and a huge reminder of how important this calling is, to represent Christ and bring hope to people who don't know where to find it. In that moment I could have cared less if that guy came out and freaked out at us, I just wanted to be there with this lady and make sure she was ok and safe and that she knew that she was not alone. It was a really cool experience; to be someone’s "savior" even if it’s just for a minute. I think Christ wants us to know what that feels like. Not to the extent that he knows of course, but it’s the happiest feeling in the world.
The Whole ALRM!

We have a good friend going through a hard time right now, and so she almost moved home to Texas, BUT yesterday she came to church and right before leaving, a member came up and offered to help her find a job. She told us that if she could find a job here then she would stay. Cool thing is we hadn't told anyone about this! This member had no idea she was looking for a job! (good thing the man upstairs knew). She was so excited! On our way out of the church we invited her to be baptized this Saturday and she said YES! Ahhhh! It’s real quick but it’s certainly possible and she is definitely ready! So for now she is staying. We've been with her and her family a lot this week which has been real fun. We love them to pieces.

There was an art walk in the tinsy "down town" area in Russellville Friday night so we walked around and found a ton of cool opportunities to share the gospel and show the “Because He Lives” video with people. I love being a missionary guys, it’s too fun. Just walking up to whoever, asking them if they want to talk about Jesus Christ. haha nothing like it. I feel like I'm hitting that point where my mind is really in mission mode. I can't even picture the day I'm coming home anymore because I can't fathom the thought of taking off my nametag and not being considered a "missionary" anymore. 

Some fun things: Diamond and I sing Disney songs together and it’s the closest I can get to Disneyland here...apart of the Spanish Disney we blast in the car..haha but Frozen is her favorite and so we sing “Let It Go” over and over again and it makes me so happy. Also some of these kids lose their innocence young. It makes me sad. Disney brings her back to 6 years old again and I love it. 
Daysha's kids always have friends over so we taught all of them about keeping the Sabbath day holy, afterwards all of them started running to our car yelling "I want a Book of Mormon." Such a cool moment… needless to say we have to place another media order and get some more Books of Mormon. haha

We had 15 minutes before curfew so we stopped at Quiznos and asked if we could help them clean up. They were so confused but ended up letting us wipe of tables and put up chairs. Small acts of service is good for the soul, I highly recommend y’all try it. 
More Service!
I bore my testimony in espanol during sacrament meeting for the first time yesterday. I sounded like a nino. haha It’s real cool because although lately the majority of our investigators are in English and we are using English a lot, whenever we need to speak Spanish we can, and it really is getting so much better! 

The Carnathans fed us and then showed us their baby goats!

Last week's P-Day!

Veronica's Mexican food is dangerously amazing!

Miss Arkansas University
(She's going to compete for Miss Arkansas in a few weeks!)

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