Monday, June 22, 2015

GET IT? ;)

Some fun Southern stuff:
-The air here smells like dead armadillo, mix in the humidity and thick air = Yum. We get all sorts of scents on bike week.
- Since most people are religious, we can ride by on our bikes and call out "do you want to talk about Jesus?" and then that turns into a lesson or new investigator! ha kinda fun
- They also love to hold hands during prayers. When we ask if we can pray with them they automatically grab our hands.
- I don't need lotion. Ever. My skin is so smooth down here.
-Rain happens like in the movies, where one second it’s not raining and the next it’s down pouring. You don't even have half a second to realize it’s raining and take cover. And it pours HARD. It’s really like taking a shower. We get soaked so quick.

There is also this thing called missionary amnesia, and I thought I could avoid it but I can't. We spent a good hour trying to decipher between Jamie Lee Curtis, Jamie Lyn Spears, Julia Roberts, and Julie/a?? Andrews. We still aren't certain if that's right. It has been driving us up the wall. Please email me and correct me if those names are wrong..we are forgetting lyrics to songs too and it’s so odd. I didn't think that would happen. Missionary Amnesia is most definitely real.

Also funniest thing of the week. We had to bike up this huge hill, and it was easily the hardest thing I've done in months. I thought I was going to have to get off and walk. Once we got to the top we just looked at each other with our bright red faces, dripping in sweat, and just burst into laughter ha haha. We thought our legs were going to explode. We just sat on the side of the road peeing our pants laughing. I wish y’all could have seen it. Ha ha ha I'm cracking up right now just remembering it. Ha ha ha

MADDY GOT BAPTIZED THIS WEEK! The turnout was so great too! We had so many ward members come and support her! She was confirmed yesterday in church and is soo so happy! Yay!!  

Saturday night we had a Father’s Day party with the Spanish ward. The ninos had water balloons and were playing around with them, I couldn't help myself so I grabbed cups of water and we all started a big water fight. Ha ha Closest we will get to swimming on the mish. The whole ward was chasing each other with water balloons. It was a blast. Of course we enjoyed amazing food (I had tinga for the first time this week =HEAVEN) and then we played soccer for sports night afterwards. SO MUCH FUN.  

So here is a fun little story I want to compare to the Brother of Jared. Last night we had just got dropped off from our dinner appointment and it was 8:30. We wanted to get 1 new investigator before we went in for the night, but since we were on bikes we knew it may take more time. So we said a prayer, asked for help to find a new investigator, and told Him that we were going to be out till 9:30 tonight. We asked that we could be safe riding around on bikes in the dark and that we had faith we could make our goal. Similar to how the Brother of Jared needed help, and went to the Lord in prayer with a plan and with Faith. Then comes the work. The Brother of Jared did his part by gathering the stones and preparing them. We had to work and ride around town and talk with people and "do all that we can do" with a lot of urgency.  Then comes the miracles. Just like the Lord touched the 16 stones for the Brother of Jared, it was as if His hands and fingers were maneuvering everything just perfectly for us, so that we could make it where we needed to be safely and led us to the right people at the right time.  (No the veil was not taken from us, I wish ha ha) But we truly saw Him making a way for us to make our goal, placing people outside at the right time, clearing busy roads for us to cross. And after 45 minutes of riding from opposite ends of Russellville we ended up with not 1 but 4 new investigators! 4! That's more than we had all week! And we got them all in 45 minutes! MIRACLES I TELL YOU.   It all boils down to our FAITH in what He can do, and our willingness to WORK and rely on Him. Moroni 7:33

Right now our board is exploding with names of people we are teaching or people we have found. We are super stretched thin right now and it’s AWESOME.  So much work to be done. This could possibly be our last week in Russellville so we have really high goals set this week and we are determined to make it a good one! 

Also HAPPY FATHER’S DAY (ESPECIALLY TO MINE, I LOVE YOU DAD) to all the papas out there. I was watching a Mormon Message called "Earthly Father, Heavenly Father" and at the end it showed this quote and I LOVE IT.  "Of all the titles of respect and honor and admiration that are given to deity, He asked us to address Him as Father."  How cool is that! 

 Also I was reading in 1 Nephi 8 this morning. It talks about Lehi's vision. And in verses 14-17 (your gonna have to look it up, sorry I'm not typing any more than I have to, go ahead dust off your scriptures and open ‘em up, or this won't make sense and my story will be in vain) Anyways, it's never really stood out to me how Lehi, being the father of his family takes the lead in inviting and encouraging his family to "partake of the fruit." In vs 14 it talks about Nephi, Sam and Sariah didn't know which way to go, so Lehi called after them and wanted to make sure they weren't lost.  Which is exactly what the church encourages today. The fathers of each family should have that strong testimony and direction to be able to guide the rest of their families in the right direction. Man Church is True, Book is blue, but it should be read ;) ..get it? 

Love y’all.  

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