Monday, May 25, 2015

(Fiesta con la rama en espanol)

Bike week again. Wooohoooo. We got some good sunburns and sore buns. (garment rashes are real) Daniela keeps teasing us that she is going to give us some of Elizabeth’s diaper cream haha. We hate bike week but get the best laughs out of bike week....Lewis totally fell off her bike this week and her Books of Mormon in her basket fell out on the road (30 pounds!). I about peed my pants hahaha. Her pride was hurtin’ pretty bad.
Elizabeth (my favorite nina!)

Grace went to the temple this week. Ahh so cool! She was able to take 10 family names with her to do baptsims! We were so stoked about that! 
Grace went to the Memphis temple to do baptisms this week. 

We also set 2 dates for June! 

We were on our bikes, and our appointments fell through so we had an hour before dinner to fill in our time. We decided to pull over on the side of the road and say a prayer. We asked for someone that we could teach or an idea to come to mind of how we could fill our time wisely. Not 5 minutes after this prayer we ran into April and her 3 little girls. We found out she is a minister and has talked with missionaries before but wanted us to come back and to teach her more! Yay! Heavenly Father’s hands are in our work every second of the day. He aligns everything perfectly. Every bad thing that happens or disappointment or whatever it is leads to us being in the right spot, with the right family/person, at the right time, teaching the right lessons. It's absolutely incredible. 

Most the things we do out here are small. We don't always see big miracles or big life changing experiences. Which is sometimes hard because obviously all missionaries want to know that they are making a difference and all these long hard days are worth the time.  But recently I've been noticing that there are so many little small tender mercies or miracles every day. One that was super cool:

Paul & Daysha. They are just really struggling. Lots of things that I don't want to share on here but they've hit rock bottom. And the other day we stopped by to see them and before we left Daysha told us that since we've been talking with them they have seen a change in their lives. They have hope they have a want to change their lives for the better. They want better for their families and they see blessings in their lives now. What’s even cooler is that change is not coming because of me. It’s because of the gospel that I have. The gospel is absolutely perfect and changes lives. It’s so small, but it’s the happiest feeling in the world knowing that because of the gospel I bring to others it is changing their lives and making them happier. 
Diamond (Paul and Daysha's daughter)

Small and simple things=great things, verdad(truth)?

Don't worry y’all I'm staying real busy. Language is coming. Work is moving forward.  Read your scriptures and say your prayers. Helaman 15:6
We had to order an Arabic BOM for a memeber.  I am eternally grateful for the Spanish language. I can't imagine learning a language that looks like a toddler scribbles. =/
Teaching the ninos noche de hogar (family home evening)
Picnic with the Carnathans!
P-Day adventures. This is the prettiest trail!
 Spanish Fiesta!
Thank you Zolei for the picture!

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