Monday, May 25, 2015


Wanna hear the BEST NEWS EVER? Sister Lewis and I are staying in Russellville together!! Ahhh Yay! But scariest thing happened...last night we had a missed call from the AP's (Assistant to the Pres) and we were sick. We thought that they were going to transfer us. Usually transfer calls are Sunday mornings so we thought we were safe but President can always change his mind. So we called back SOO scared and sad, but turns out they are opening a new area near us and the sisters that are assigned there need  a place to stay so we are going to pick them up Wednesday at transfers in Little Rock and bring them back with us for a while! Sleepover!! ;) I wish y'all could have seen us celebrate when we found out we weren't getting transferred. ha ha  Heavenly Father knows we need to be here! And I couldn't agree more because the work is going so well!

First off we have been visiting with a less active member, Julia, for only a week now, and we invited her to come back to church with us. She agreed and came yesterday and everything went so perfect! She loved it! She's been a member her whole life, she just didn't know anyone and was afraid to come so once we introduced her to the ward she loved it! It feels so good to reactive =) And also we brought Daniella with us to teach her (Daniellas first time teaching) And we had her share her testimony about how the church has changed her life since she's been baptized (it’s only been a month), it was so sweet! And afterwards she kept telling us "I feel so happy, I have so much joy right now" We told her that’s what happens when we share the gospel and bare our testimonies! It's so cool to see how far they have come in just a month. WE LOVE HER SO MUCH. Daniella and her husband want to get sealed in the Salt Lake temple next year! Woot Woot! 

Funny story, we went to the rest home last night of course, and I was talking to Danny. We were having a good conversation about Jesus and all of a sudden he just bursts into song. Ha ha  I'm not sure what the song was and he couldn't remember either but I just sat there with a big ole cheesy grin on my face and listened to him sing to me. We love the rest home.
Janie painting our nails!
 We were teaching Ricardo yesterday, first lesson with him, at first it was rough. He thought all churches were true, which it’s always hard to explain that one, without offending, especially in Spanish. But Sister Lewis recited the First Vision to him and INSTANTLY the spirit was so strong. He just zeroed in on our lesson and everything after that point went so well! He wants us to go back next weekend when all his family is there and to teach them too! How cool? Joseph Smith is a prophet and EVERYTHING he said happened, I know that without a doubt. 

We skyped with a man from Jordan (idk spelling, the place next to Iran) this week. Pretty crazy.

I've never been so excited to study the scriptures before in my life. After personal study we share with each other the things we are learning and we just get so pumped. hahaha I can't believe it’s taken me so long to realize how cool the Book of Mormon is. EVERYTHING applies to our lives and stories are so cool! I wish I could go back to 16 year old Taylor and tell her that she’s dumb for not taking scripture reading seriously, she was really missing out. 

I started reading Our Search For Happiness this week and its incredibly good. I'd invite y’all to read it if you get the chance. 

I love y’all. Have a good week! 

 Sport's Night!
Last District meeting all together. Dyrich (tall one) goes home tomorrow 

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