Monday, May 11, 2015

My first baptism! Grace wanted us to go back to the font with her so we got to watch her be baptized right next to the font. It was so cool! I cried! The spirit was so strong it felt like we were in the temple.

Carting pitchers of water for the font...haha!
 I didn't realize that the missionaries do everything for the baptisms; set up, the program, fill the font, everything! We showed up early to fill up the font. It usually takes about 2 hours to fill. We started it and then went to Subway for lunch while it filled up. While we were gone, a member saw it and thought it was supposed to be draining and so he turned it off and pulled the plug to drain it. So when we got back it was only about one fourth of the way filled up. We only had 40 minutes until the baptism so we had to fill up pitchers from the kitchen and go back and forth to the font to dump them in so it would be filled up in time!

Diamond and uhh they call him Fat thats what we call him too..haha
We have been teaching a family and we invited them to come to church. They wanted to, but had just had their power shut off so there was no way for them to get cleaned up to go. We weren't going to take no for an answer! So the mom, Dasha and her little girl, Diamond showered at Katie's house and came with us to church!

The Elders found our tombstone referral. hahaha
They called us asking for directions and we were lucky enough to be in the same area as they were so we parked our car and hid and actually got to watch them find it! hahaha! We were absolutely dying! I have some fun videos I wish I could send. One day y'all can see them. 

P-Day festivities last week. Katie took us fishing!

 One of the Elders caught a catfish
Camo cake!
 Last night was the worst storm I have ever seen. Our alarm kept going off and it was supposedly 60 mph winds. The lighting and rain and thunder were so loud it took me hours to fall asleep. There were flash flood and tornado warnings. I was legit scared at some point because it sounded so scary outside. One of the electrical wire poles broke and a whole area lost power, luckily we didn't. It was so scary. Storms here are absolutely crazy!
I love y'all!
*We got to skype with Sister Moore yesterday for Mother's Day and it was so fun to see her smiling face and hear her cute voice. She even spoke to her dad in Spanish for a little while! (I may or may not have teared up with pride a little when I heard that!) She is doing so great! She loves Arkansas! She loves her companion! She loves her friends (Katie for one)! She loves being a missionary! It is so fun watching my little girl grow into such an amazing person! She is having so many awesome experiences. She told us that she was proposed to by an intoxicated man, she teaches people while they are high on drugs, and she has survived crazy weather. But she assures me that she feels safe! And I know she is watched over and protected. Couldn't be prouder! -Ashley

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