Monday, April 27, 2015


(Thank you Dawn for the new dress!)
So I have just accepted the fact that I will never be able to fully explain all that is happening here and you all will never know the amazing experiences that happen every day. I wish you could =( But there's just toooooooo much. (Yes I know I've said this a million times but it's still true.)

So this week was crazy and hard. We were on bike week, and it also rained...all week. We opened the door getting ready to leave on our first bike day together and it was POURING RAIN. So we strapped on our rain coats and helmets and set out in the rain. I felt like Missionary WORK had really begun. Ha ha  It's hard  because half of our day is transporting back and forth so we don't get to accomplish nearly as much as we normally do. We just felt a lack of energy this week and we didn't reach our goals. Just little things I could go on forever. But the good news is this next week can only go up from the week we had this past week. =/ It almost was like the movies when you feel like you've hit rock bottom. We were completely soaked, we had been riding our bikes all over and when we would get to our appointments no one was there. We were just really frustrated. And then a huge bus comes cruising by and splashes a HUGE puddle all over us. We just burst into laughter because we couldn't believe that that actually happened. Don't worry the church is still true. =)

So Grace. I think I mentioned her before. She's 11 and adorable. Her mom is a member and her dad isn't. She lives with her Dad and is only with her mom every other 2 weekends so we don't get to see her a lot. We set a date with her for May 9!!! Ahhhhhh I'm so excited. She's such a strong little girl.
 You can imagine how excited I was when Grace bought this puppy...
But just in case you can't, here's a picture of my reaction. Ah that little thing is so darn cute. I was so happy to hold a puppy!

Spanish ward had a Talent Show on Saturday! The missionaries had to do a little skit and lots of people sang and danced! I'm understanding Spanish better but still have a loooong ways to go. It's hard being in English and Spanish because I'm definitely not learning as fast as I would like to be.  It's cool though that we can go into an English appointment then turn around and head into a Spanish one and be able to teach in both! 

 Jamie, Daniella and Elizabeth after the talent show
 Katie drove us up to a super nice area here in the hills and man some of these Southern homes are absolutely stunning. We knocked some doors but no luck. I'm determined to teach one person up there though! 

We met Miss Themla yesterday (I LOVE how they call women "miss" out here) and she is 95 years old and spunky as ever! She's a member but isn't always 100% active so we are going to try to stop by weekly and visit with her. She's easily one of my favorite people I've met here so far. We love her so much. 

So here are some fun things I learned this week:

It's easy to focus on my weaknesses out here. But if I focus on my weaknesses they will grow, and if I focus on my strengths then they will grow! I've also realized I'm not out here to focus on myself. My self growth is a bonus of me being out here. It's taking some time but I just need to completely focus on my investigators, members and all the people around me rather than dwelling on my own issues. Which is a blessing really. Especially after a hard week of not a lot of progress it’s easy to dwell on weaknesses but when I just forget myself and get to work (Hinckley quote) I'm so much happier! 

In Ephesians 4 it talks about how there is ONE Faith, ONE Christ, ONE Baptism. Christ only established ONE church on the earth. Some think that whatever religion you are is just fine and as long as we believe in God then we all are fine. But in reality since there is ONE faith, Lord and baptism, there is ONE way to Salvation. And that ONE way is through the Church of Jesus Christ. We have the fullness. We have that ONE way to Salvation. Each person doesn't get a different set of instructions on how to be saved. He established ONE true church on the earth today and I absolutely know without a shadow of a doubt that it is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. 

Under "Joseph" in the Bible Dictionary it says that his protection was his faith. I loved that because it's so true. If I have faith that Christ lives and that he saved me, I'm protected from fear and doubt of anything! I have faith that whatever comes in my life it'll be okay because of Him. I can overcome anything! I'm protected from feeling hopeless or lost because I know that one day I can return to him and be with my family forever. What more could I want right?? 

I’m slowly picking up the word y'all soooo...I love y'all! 

Hermana Moore

P.S. If weather permits Katie is taking us fishing today. WOOHOO!

We had exchanged on Tuesday! This is Sister Tuifua from Tonga! We were together for 24 hours and it was scary because I had to be in charge and it was my first day on bike week so yea it was a little crazy but she's been out for 17 months so I learned a lot from her! 
 Sport's Night!

Ahh, lovely helmets! ha ha ha

 Random vending machine out front of Katie' weird!
And I love dogs but Katie's dog freaks me out. He kept sitting like this. Sister Lewis and I were cracking up!

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