Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Hermana Taylor Moore entered the MTC today at 12:45.  Well actually around 12:40 because if you know Taylor, you know she would rather be 30 minutes early then 30 seconds late!  But she was ready and anxious to get this mission started!

Taylor was set apart last night, Tuesday, February 24 at 7:00 PM.  But before that, she started off her last day home at the Ogden Temple.  Taylor has really loved going to the temple ever since she received her own endowments.  Her aunt had given her a bunch of family names and she has enjoyed doing their temple work.  Carson and I joined her as well.  What a blessing it is to be with my daughter in the House of the Lord!

Taylor spent the rest of the day saying goodbye to friends and packing.  Then we went out to dinner as a family at one of her favorite restaurants, Tepanyaki.  Our chef was sure fun, but we were all a bit somber knowing it would be the last outing with her for a while!  (There was a miscommunication with Taylor's dad, Jeremie so he didn't make the picture.)

After dinner, we met the Stake Presidency and Bishopric at our church.  She was given some great advice by each one of them.  She was told to speak with confidence as she bares her testimony of the truthfulness of the Gospel.  She was told to fear not and remember that her Heavenly Father will always be with her.  She was told to trust that everything and everyone at home would be okay and that she should focus on the work.  Then she was given a beautiful blessing and was set apart as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  Taylor had a great big smile on her face during this entire meeting.  The spirit was so strong and we were all assured that this is where she needs to be!

Wednesday, February 25 finally came!  We were able to take pictures at the Provo Temple before experiencing the famous MTC curbside drop off!  After we took a few, Taylor said we might as well go even though it wasn't quite time yet!  She was met by a darling sister who helped her with her luggage.  We gave our last hugs and she was off, smiling the whole way into the MTC.  We will miss her like crazy, but we can't wait to follow her on this amazing journey!    

Go get 'em Tay!


  1. I'm so teary. Tears of JOY! What a wonderful blessing Taylor is in all of our lives. We are praying for her and you all.

  2. So excited for this exciting new chapter in her life! She is going to be such a successful and awesome missionary!

  3. ash I have to admit I was crying as I'm reading this. I love this girl so much. It my such a pleasure serving in young womens with you and watching her grow. She is nothing short of an amazing incredible example to my girls. I'm sure going to miss her a lot I think she is so brave for doing this. You are one amazing mama and have done an incredible job raising her.