Monday, June 20, 2016


I was all excited to type this email this week thinking it would be short, and then LITERALLY EVERYTHING HAPPENED IN THESE LAST COUPLE DAYS. IT’S BEEN THE BEST WEEK!!!

So the first great thing that happened, one of our investigators, Ms S chose a date! June 26th! After months of praying and trying to get answers she finally felt good about a date! We were SO EXCITED! 

So the next morning, we had to take some Sisters to interviews with President- (Side note, we were able to discuss with President and pray over some changes made with some companionships. We prayed and received revelation as to where a sister should be moved to. I got a small glimpse of what happens when President decides transfers. The spirit was so strong and clear. Super neat experience.) 

But before all of this happens, President tells us "Sisters, after my interviews the 3 of us will go see Ms S together." Oh man, he had us so nervous. We didn't know exactly what his plan was. On our way over we asked what he wanted to teach. He told us he had no idea, that he received the prompting to go visit with her and that we needed to follow the spirit. But we still were confused; I told him I don't like surprises. Ha He also ran a stop sign on our way over, which just made my day. Hahaha When we pulled into the apartments there were some people outside, we divided and conquered and now have 2 new investigators from that. President is awesome. 

So once we knock on Ms S door, she tells us that today isn't a good day, and that she isn't feeling well. President says "Well Ms S we brought you something that will make you feel better." And out of nowhere he pulls out a Fiji water. Haha Oh my heavens Sister King and I at this point are just so confused as to what President has up his sleeve. But it got us in the door. Ms. S had just found out some sad news about her family, President was able to give her a blessing. He told her afterward, "Ms S if that was the reason that God sent us here today, it was definitely worth it." I then realized President really was just following a prompting! He had no idea why we were going over! Afterwards her countenance had completely changed; you could see the humility in her eyes. We brought up her baptism date again, and she said she still feels good about it. SO THEN THIS IS THE BEST PART STAY WITH ME NOW! President explained to her that one year from June 26 she could enter the temple and receive Her endowment. He said that is also the same day that he returns back home to Fiji. After looking at dates and figuring it all out, he said that he would DEFER his release date if needed and that in one year, the 4 of us would all enter the temple together to be with Ms S as she goes through. SO NO ONE PLAN ANYTHING FOR NEXT JUNE 26!!! This will be the very last thing President does on his mission!! Ms S was thrilled!! Is this not the coolest thing ever?? AHHH THE CHURCH IS TRUE AND PRESIDENT WAKOLO IS AMAZING! 
The whole ward can't even believe she is getting baptized. It's been 8 months since she was found! WE ARE THRILLED. GOD IS TOO GOOD! 

On the way home I asked President if he always knew he would be a mission President. He said no, he always was 100% surprised by his callings. And then said, "But I will not be surprised by my next calling...which will be a primary teacher." Haha Best primary class ever!

Another miracle with Ms S, she doesn't have much furniture and was looking for a couch. We had to drive some sisters to Arkadelphia and right outside their apartment door was a couch that someone wanted to throw away. We were able to go back a few days later with the Mommy Van, pick it up, vacuum out all the dead animals and dog bones from it and get it all cleaned up, and then surprised Ms S with it that night. Folks this couch is super old and worn and small, but you would have thought Ms S just won the lottery. She was so excited almost to tears! Oh my goodness it was the best feeling. We love her. Service is the best medicine.

ALSO we hit the Standard of Excellence this week! On Saturday we still needed 4 new investigators by the end of the weekend. We set a goal to get 3 on Saturday and 1 on Sunday. Saturday was crazy and we helped with a yard sale, baby shower (where we met a non member Samantha who we are teaching this next week!), and drove to Arkadelphia so we only had 2 hours to find all 3. We pulled up to a potentials house and spotted a couple walking down the street with groceries in their hands. They willingly accepted our help, and we took the groceries from them and started walking. We figured they lived down the street, but about a mile later we arrived to their little apartment.  Super humble and struggling couple. On our long walk, I had the thought, "man how are we going to have time to find new investigators." And then the spirit said something like "uhh..your walking next to two of them.." Haha so we taught them during the walk and left them with their own set of scriptures! We are going to go see them again tomorrow! 
I'm enduring this summer so much better than I did the last summer. We chose to bike on the hottest day. It hit 100 degrees. but #blessed because southerners are Jesus people and we were able to get into random homes and they'd refill our waters and give us snacks. And it's a great way to get in homes :) 

If you want to elevate your grilled cheese sandwich game, add blackberry jam. #ThingsILearnOnMyMission

We had an AMAZING dinner with the Whiteley and Beheshti familly for Father’s Day. We are taken such good care of here. We about peed our pants when Elder Beheshti walked in though, we didn't know he'd be there. First time giving a "spiritual thought" to a general authority. 

The time is ticking too fast. We are having loads of fun and getting lots done. It has been such a huge privilege to be serving in this area. Sister King is incredible; we have been having so much fun together! As we've been applying "take-aways" from Elder Arnold's training we've already seen improvements. I love doing the Lord's work. I know His church has been restored. I know He is the Savior of the world and I've grown to love and embrace his doctrine. 

Thank you for your prayers and support!

Love y'all
Las quiero 



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